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Access Emergency Dental Care is the premiere emergency dentist service in Atlanta, we provide Greater Atlanta with prompt emergency dental care for people in need of an emergency dentist in Atlanta when the need is urgent. Utilizing latest technologies, the Atlanta Emergency Dentist at Access Emergency Dental Care, are prepared to handle all of your dental needs. Whether it is a broken tooth, a toothache, loose crown, lost filling, even a loose implant, we can help 7 days a week. So when you have a dental emergency call us first, we're here to help.

Our Atlanta Emergency Dentist provide an environment that is comfortable and relaxing, we understand the needs of emergency patients, and concentrate on treating patients one at a time. We can also help with any implant dentistry and cosmetic dental service that may be required, including immediate Implants, Denture Repair, Porcelain Crowns, Root Canals, and White Fillings. So whether it's New Years, Thanksgiving, or just another weekend, call the emergency dentists at Access Emergency Dental Care when you need dental help.

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Common Toothache
The most obvious symptom of a toothache resulting from dental decay is pain with or without swelling. Often in the beginning of a toothache the pain is periodic, coming and going. However, in most cases these episodes become more frequent and of longer duration and eventually the pain becomes constant.
Toothaches can sometimes be associated with existing fillings or old root canals.


Periodontal Abcess
Periodontal disease begins as an inflammation of the tissue round the tooth referred to as Gingivitis and becomes Periodontist as the supporting structure is destroyed.
A periodontal abcess is characterized by swelling of the gums (gingiva) adjacent to a tooth or teeth often with a burning and/or throbbing sensation. Antibotic Therapy often provides temporay relief. However, If not treated this condition is often recurrent.

  Crack Tooth
Pain associated with a cracked tooth often manifest itself similarly to that of a lose or mobile tooth, without the mobility. Biting down is painful but there sometimes no clinical evidence of decay or damage. However, a dentist will generally run tests to detect hairline fractures of the tooth and/or the root of the tooth. This condition is referred to as "Cracked Tooth Syndrome", and does not pertained to teeth that are clear broken or fractured.


Fractured Tooth
Fractured teeth are a common emergeny, In most cases when only the enamel is involved there is little cause for immediate concern. However, a dentist should be consulted to insure there are no unseen fracture of the root or bone. If it appears that the fracture extents to the pink to red color of
the pulp
, the tooth will require intervention to prevent its lost. Contact a dentist immediately so that the tooth can be evaluated.

  Knocked-out Tooth
If the whole tooth is knocked out by some traumatic episode you should contact an emergency dentist immediately. Generally the tooth can be saved if it is repositioned back in the socket immediately, Ideally in its original position or if repositioning is not possible, placed the tooth in a moist environment (preferably whole milk). It should be repositioned in the socket within the first half-hour after extraction if possible.

  Lost Filling
By far the most common cause of a lost filling is secondary decay under the filling or the fracture of tooth structure.
Lost fillings can in some cases be replaced temporarily by using one of the over the counter temporary cements such as Tempanol or Dentemp depending on the size and shape of the area. Crowns too can be temporarily recemented with these with these cements.

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